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Daily Psychoness

my life is a telenovela

17 January 1985

WRITER: 3 Time Nanowrimo Winner. Writes fanfiction for numerous fandoms.

KNITTER: Completely addicted. Working on original knit designs.

AUNT: x Five. Youngest is ten.

SISTER: Brother is a Professional Bug Killer, and sister sells bras and underwear on ebay.

SURFER: On the internet of course.

PROCRASTINATOR: of everything.
10th doctor, alpaca, amazon.com, angelo, baby name books, babyfic, ben folds, black, books, bookstores, branch breakers, bright colors, burning cds, cables, capping, charlotte bronte, christopher eccleston, cliches, coldplay, colored contacts, dancing, dark angel, dashboard confessional, david tennant, doctor who, douglas adams, england, entrelac, eyeball jewelry, eyelets, fan fiction, fan videos, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, firefly, friends, fuzzy stuff, gilmore girls, glitter, guitar, guitar tabs, hair dye, hanson, html, icons, ingram hill, jarod/miss parker, jasper fforde, javajunkie, jayne/river, jess mariano, john doe, kate/sawyer, kidfic, knitting, knitwear design, laptops, literati, logan's run, london, lost, malcolm in the middle, michael t. weiss, mocking movies, mountain dew code red, neon green, neon pink, netflix, ninth doctor, obsessive compulsive disorder, ocd, office supplies, organization, organizing, paint shop pro 8, paper, photography, php, pickles, pink, pinstripes, psp, rayne, reading, reconstructing clothing, river/jayne, rogue and wolverine, romance novels, rose, rose/nine, rose/ten, roswell, rubber duckies, sapphires, scrapbooking, screencaps, sequins, serenity, shiney, shipper, shopping, sims, sims 2, smallville, social anxiety disorder, socks, sour gummy worms, string cheese, sudoku, sylvia plath, target, the 4400, the oc, the pretender, turquoise, tv shows, ugly betty, venice beach, veronica/weevil, walmart, web design, wild cherry pepsi, windward circle, words, writing, writing letters, x-men, yarn, yarn harlot